HoneyLux Organic Silk Face Mask in Champagne - Product View
HoneyLux Organic Silk Face Mask Reusable Envelope Pouch - Product View
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Organic Silk Face Mask by HoneyLux


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Color: Champagne


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Brand: HoneyLux


The HoneyLux Silk Masks are made from 100% organic mulberry silk, these face masks are extra breathable, gentle on skin, and help prevent mask acne. Silk absorbs moisture while stopping the bacterial growth process, making it an antibacterial fabric. 


Durable, and washable, switching to a silk mask will make your skin thank you and will help with keeping you safe.


Crafted for a sleek, fitted look, these face masks are hand-sewn with a hidden stitch technique to ensure they lay flat on the nose and around the face without the need for extra added wires and uncomfortable stitching. The adjustable loops will make this mask perfect for all face shapes and sizes!


  • Contains 1 black, double-layered organic silk face mask
  • 1 reusable envelope pouch
  • Adjustable ear loops
  • Not intended to replace medical-grade masks
Organic Silk Face Mask by HoneyLux
COLOR: Champagne

  • O/S