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    If you were on a deserted island and could only have 3 things with you, what would they be?
    My Samsung Galaxy with solar battery charger, “a Nespresso machine”, and maybe a knife so I can survive. Won't need my clothes!

    If you could trade closets with any celebrity who would you choose?

    Amy Adams as Sydney Prosser from American Hustle. I loved all the vintage wrap dresses Amy wore. So 70's! Also the big furs, deep V-necks, platform sandals and the Gucci gold jewelry. The vintage Diane Von Furstenberg and Halston dresses were to die for!

    What is something you would like to learn how to do?

    I would like to learn how to play electric guitar, so I could form an all-chick rock band. Chicks Rule!

    What is a fear you would like to overcome?
    Driving in NYC. I don't get much practice living here. The taxi's are like bumper cars.

    If you were to design a swimsuit for Beach Bunny what would it look like?

    White woven triangles top, and skimpy triangle bottom! Very tiny, perfect for tan lines, and looking hot!

    What's one part of your body that you love most? Why?
    My skin. I'm so lucky to have beautiful skin, I enjoy the beauty and feel of it. It feels silky, gentle and soft, looks glowy and radiant. I don't even need to use any cosmetics!

    What is your morning routine like?

    Open my eyes, glance at my phone, check Instagram and emails than jump in a scorching hot shower. I love taking my time to eat breakfast (including my Nespresso). This way my day starts without rushing and it puts me in great mood! 8

    What is one makeup product you could not live without?
    Moisturizing lip balm! My lips always stay moisturized and looks perfect. My favorite is the Nivea Essential Lip Care.

    If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
    I've lived in all the biggest cities in the world. I think somewhere in Maldives or Bora Bora would be amazing right now.

    Who do you get most of your advice from?
    From my mom. She has been my inspiration.

    We think a sense of humor is important, tell us the funniest joke you know!

    Justin Bieber.

    What's one healthy snack you can never get enough of?

    I love persimmons but they taste even better covered with Talenti Belgian milk chocolate gelato! I know....

    What's your favorite trend at the moment & why?
    Pointy toe heels. It makes any outfit look classy and chic.

    What's your idea of the perfect date with that special someone?
    He meets me with a beautiful bouquet of red roses, that's romantic. Dinner with wine, a walk in Central Park, then chilling in a candle-lit room listening to love music.

    What organization/charity means most to you and why?

    The Earth Day Network. We have to stop polluting our planet, build a more green economy, focus on environmental activism and environmental education. We need to start investing in technology to combat climate change. I want to build a better future for our children. We all must commit to protect our environment.

    What's something you don't have in your closet that you're dying to own?
    A pair of John Varvatos Converse Chucks. They only come in men's but I can wear the smallest size.

    Quick, you're running late to the beach and have to pack your beach bag in 3 minutes! What do you grab?
    Bikini, sunglasses, oh and my Galaxy with headphones! Its the perfect combination for a jog on the beach.

    Who is the first person you would call if you were chosen as Beach Bunny’s 2014 Model Search winner?

    I would sound the alarms by posting the news on my socials! This way no one would be left out.