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    If you were on a deserted island and could only have 3 things with you, what would they be?
    1. Piano- I wish I could play all day, and nothing sounds better than creating music while watching the sunset over the ocean. 2. My boyfriend-He is so positive and creative so he would always keep the spirits up and figure out ways to survive! 3.Toothpaste- I'm not down with cavities.

    If you could trade closets with any celebrity who would you choose?

    I have to say Cara Delevigne; I love her oversized, comfortable boy style. Second choice would definitely be Rihanna.

    What is something you would like to learn how to do?

    Hang gliding! I love heights and adrenaline.

    What is a fear you would like to overcome?

    Whales. Maybe if I met one, I would get over it.

    If you were to design a swimsuit for Beach Bunny what would it look like?

    Fuchsia colored material, sheer somehow incorporated, black lining (I love contrast and color blocking), cheeky bottoms, halter style top, and a little push up never hurt anyone. ;)

    What's one part of your body that you love most? Why?

    Why? I appreciate my eyes. My dad had the same ones, and I love being able to pass them on.

    What is your morning routine like?
    Make horrific stretching noises until I get the willpower to get up to shower. I usually have the Lana Del Rey and Paramore Pandora station on while applying makeup to get my mind going.

    What is one makeup product you could not live without?

    Covergirl Lash Blast has the best mascara out of anyone. Ive tried a bunch of other brands but always go back to Covergirl since they make your lashes huge and look heaps longer.

    If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

    Already am! I just moved to Hollywood, California and absolutely love it. But if I could have been raised anywhere in the world, it would definitely be Australia. The atmosphere seems so positive and the accents are so endearing.

    Who do you get most of your advice from?

    My sister for sure. She lives in the Philippines right now, but thank goodness for WhatsApp for keeping us connected. The 16 hour time difference is interesting, but staying up late is always worth talking to her.

    We think a sense of humor is important, tell us the funniest joke you know!

    I feel like the ones I know are very offensive, haha here's a clean one -I broke my finger, but on the other hand I'm fine.

    What's one healthy snack you can never get enough of?
    Raspberries are too good. I always try and savor the tiny container they are sold in but that never works out.

    What's your favorite trend at the moment & why?
    may need to keep better track of trends, but I usually stick to the timeless basics. I am a simple t shirt and jeans human.

    What's your idea of the perfect date with that special someone?
    Wake up somewhat early and make breakfast for each other, horseback ride in the mountains, go to a roller skating rink, and end at a bowling alley for some late night embarrassment :)

    What organization/charity means most to you and why?

    American Cancer Society because I've witnessed the entire process of initial diagnosis, radiation, chemotherapy, remission, and a recurrence. Seeing my dad having to endure all of this pain and eventually losing his life from cancer instills a deeper connection to this organization. ACS provides donations, sends e-cards, and rides to chemotherapy for those in need.

    What's something you don't have in your closet that you're dying to own?
    The entire All Saints store.

    Quick, you're running late to the beach and have to pack your beach bag in 3 minutes! What do you grab?
    Towel, sunscreen (or else ill turn into a lobster quickly), and some water.

    Who is the first person you would call if you were chosen as Beach Bunny’s 2014 Model Search winner?

    My mom! She loves to get involved with anything I do, and I would love to tell her that I won the Beach Bunny Model Search :D