Hot Off the Runway: NAIL GLAM with TERRI SILACCI

Beach Bunny was lucky to have Terri Silacci, Sephora Nail Expert famous for creating of the Snake Skin Manicure, to be the nail visionary for Beach Bunny’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim fashion show. These days, nails are one of the hottest accessories seen on the runways, and women around the world are taking these trends and translating them to everyday.

BB: When creating the nails for Beach Bunny’s fashion show, how did you decide on a nail look that would coordinate well with all of the looks in the show?

Terri: I love to make a statement with my nail art. I also like to compliment a look, a shoe, an outfit, a swim suit without competing with the focal point, just adding to it, a kiss of glamour. I get many of my looks from current fashion trends. I may get my inspiration from a pair of shoes, a handbag, jewelry etc..... When looking at Beach Bunny's designs, I certainly could go bold, exotic and creative however looking at the overall line, it speaks Sexy Chic with a bit of edge. That is where I came up with the Gilded Glam Nail Look with each thumb entertaining one golden metal pyramid stud.

BB: Nail Art has become such a big trend, what kind of a statement can women make with their nails?

Terri: There aren't any boundaries when it comes to art on nails. The greatest part of having your nails evoke a fashion statement is that it is not permanent. Your nails can be a memorable one night stand that says exactly what you wanted for just one occasion, Sexy, Trendy, Bold, Soft, Texture Inspired, Emotional, Comforting, Edgy, the possibilities are endless... or you may desire a long term look that inspires you for weeks at a time. I am always up for the challenge.