Hot Off the Runway: Fresh-Faced with Colorescience

We were so lucky to have the talent of the Colorescience Team creating Beach Bunny’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim fashion show runway look. There is something so beautiful about fresh-faced look that the team created for us. We had to get the scoop. (click image so see more)

BB: How is runway make up different than doing make up for editorial or every day looks?
C: Runway is about a POP of colore! You need to apply more color in order for it to pop under the hot lights! It is also important to set the make-up properly, using our Setting Mists. The mist provides luminosity and longevity for the makeup. Models tend to sweat under the hot lights and the mist helps keep everything in place.

BB: What was your inspiration when creating Beach Bunny’s runway look?
C: Beach Bunny is a fashion forward bathing suit line and asked for a modern bronzed Smokey eye. We used the eye colore as our POP! In order to complement the trendy Miami setting and their hot suits, we created a “beach friendly face” that made a statement and still looked natural.

BB: How can women incorporate some of the daring makeup looks from the runway into their everyday makeup?
C: We can all wear some version of a Smokey bronzed eye, no matter your age or skin color. One thing to keep in mind for daytime is LESS IS MORE. If eyes are starting to age, it’s important to know that less shimmer or light reflection on the lid the better. Instead, try a creamy matte peach or matte bronze to start a natural day time smokey eye. For nighttime, wet the same color all over the lid to give it more depth and line the entire eye in pencil for a dramatic look.

Hot Off the Runway: NAIL GLAM with TERRI SILACCI

Beach Bunny was lucky to have Terri Silacci, Sephora Nail Expert famous for creating of the Snake Skin Manicure, to be the nail visionary for Beach Bunny’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim fashion show. These days, nails are one of the hottest accessories seen on the runways, and women around the world are taking these trends and translating them to everyday.

BB: When creating the nails for Beach Bunny’s fashion show, how did you decide on a nail look that would coordinate well with all of the looks in the show?

Terri: I love to make a statement with my nail art. I also like to compliment a look, a shoe, an outfit, a swim suit without competing with the focal point, just adding to it, a kiss of glamour. I get many of my looks from current fashion trends. I may get my inspiration from a pair of shoes, a handbag, jewelry etc..... When looking at Beach Bunny's designs, I certainly could go bold, exotic and creative however looking at the overall line, it speaks Sexy Chic with a bit of edge. That is where I came up with the Gilded Glam Nail Look with each thumb entertaining one golden metal pyramid stud.

BB: Nail Art has become such a big trend, what kind of a statement can women make with their nails?

Terri: There aren't any boundaries when it comes to art on nails. The greatest part of having your nails evoke a fashion statement is that it is not permanent. Your nails can be a memorable one night stand that says exactly what you wanted for just one occasion, Sexy, Trendy, Bold, Soft, Texture Inspired, Emotional, Comforting, Edgy, the possibilities are endless... or you may desire a long term look that inspires you for weeks at a time. I am always up for the challenge.

Sneak Peek of Irina Shayk for Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny’s favorite Russian beauty stuns again with the release of her very own collection, Irina Shayk for Beach Bunny. The collection debuted on the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim with Irina sitting front row to watch the models strut their stuff in her eye catching designs. While the entire line is not scheduled to release until October, we just couldn’t wait to show you some of our favorites! More of Irina Shayk for Beach Bunny will be on its way for Cruise 2014, featuring a variety of bikinis and cover-ups that are bold in color and reflect the supermodel’s sexy and effortless style.